Telehealth Value: What You Might Have Missed in the Latest Study

Our friends at Health Affairs recently published a fantastic study by the RAND Corporation looking at the impact of direct-to-consumer telehealth on healthcare spend. The conclusion was that while employers/payers offering telehealth as a covered benefit may increase access to care, it didn’t decrease spending. Naturally, with telemedicine/telehealth being touted as a method of helping …

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When it Comes to Virtual Care Technology – Think Twice, it’s Allright

More and more, health systems are looking to telemedicine and virtual care technology to improve access by connecting patients with clinicians. It’s no secret that providing care online is critical to remaining competitive and meeting patient demand. With online healthcare hitting the mainstream, health systems are moving faster than ever into the direct to consumer …

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Stethoscope with financial on the desk.

Where’s the Return? How to Find Virtual Care ROI for Health Systems

For early adopters of telemedicine, the excitement of new care delivery technology (e.g., video conferences) was enough to build a business case. These days, online care has gained acceptance by both patients and healthcare organizations – it’s no longer just early adopters being lured by something shiny and new. Health systems are being tasked with …

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